I truly feel I have made a difference these last eight years while representing the constituents of the 6th district and I’m ready to expand on that. I have a strong sense of community and will bring those values to the office of the executive. I’m an ordinary citizen, just like you, who wants to preserve the integrity of this county. This is your county, and your government should work for you. The Legislature is about to see an extreme change this election cycle and I believe my leadership could provide assets to incumbents who are current colleagues as well as novice legislators who are ready to make a change.


Over 30 years in business management within the construction industry

Served two terms as Jackson County Legislator-Sixth District

Served as Chairman of the Legislature for two terms, Vice-Chairman for two terms

Has led the following committees: Anti-Crime, Budget, Public Works and Intergovernmental

Represents the Legislature in the Steering Committee for the new Jackson County Detention Center


As County Executive I will oversee the assessment process to guarantee a fair process to all property owners. There also needs to be a methodology to protect long term property owners from losing their property simply because the value of the neighborhood has increased. With the new assessments coming online in 2023 it is paramount to have a leader in the County Executive to protect the citizens.


The Independence Courthouse has had a series of improvements in the last few years. Now is the time for the Kansas City Courthouse to be brought up to safety standards. We have a responsibility to the public to protect their rights, and the rights of people in the justice system. The new jail is a critical infrastructure for protecting the rights and safety of all citizens.

Supporting the Sheriffs by helping them do the jobs they are trained to do and using other Jackson County and Community services to do the tasks where our citizens need help.


Jackson County has a number of bridges and roads that are being repaired or rebuilt. I will work to oversee these as well as the new jail and courthouse repairs to bring them in on time and on budget. We are the second largest county in the state of Missouri and have many different needs from rural to city. By working on a plan to maintain all different areas of the county we can protect the infrastructure we have into the future. As people start to talk about moving the Royals or Chiefs from the Truman sports complex, my office will be there to protect the assets the citizens of Jackson County are paying for.